April 7th, 2004

bear by san

Oh, and in other news--

My girls kicked ass last night.

Today is not the day to have a medical emergency in the state of Connecticut. Or try to get anything done at all, anywhere, I suspect, because I rather imagine nobody in the state has slept in 48 hours.

Congratulations Huskies, on becoming the first division 1 school in history to win the Men's and Women's national titles in the same year.

Also, Happy 84th birthday, Ravi Shankar.

Oh, it's just going to be one of those days! *bounce*
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bear by san

Letters from other places


ginmar posts from inside the combat zone: The Alamo Is Overrated As A Tourist Attraction, Dammit.

(via jonquil)

What's really moving for me about reading this piece (other than the obvious power and immediacy of it) is that it's so exactly what I was trying to capture in writing Hammered--this writer's voice and the strength of her personality are exactly the qualities I wanted Jenny to have. I kind of feel like I just met somebody I knew from a long time ago.
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I walked three and a half miles today, and did twenty minutes of yoga.

And I know what the first sentence of Worldwired is. And the character I've been looking for a name for for the past six months has a name.

You can touch me, but it will cost you a quarter.
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