April 8th, 2004

bear by san

In my dream, I'm suddenly in the Army...

Jenny's coming back, reluctantly. I'm pulling her back with music, which is never really fair, because she can't resist it, but there you have it. She's got to come back. I've promised her, though. Just one more war and then she can go home.

I do this a lot. Every novel (and quite a few of the short stories) wind up with a playlist associated. That music becomes one of my little meditation rituals to get into the headspace for the book. As a brief insight into the weirdness that is my taste in music, Collapse )

My editor let me know today that we got another very nice blurb. On top of the positive comments on "This Tragic Glass," (and thank you, everybody who contributed--I meant to go through and answer all of them individually, but it was turning into an endlessl litany of 'gee, um, blush--') I'm thinking I'm having a very good writing week.

It's a very, very interesting thing, this process of selling a story, sending it off to be edited, and then seeing the positive and negative comments from people one does not know. Fascinating stuff.
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