April 17th, 2004

bear by san

Author Daniel Silva on NPR Weekend edition this morning

"The scary thing is when I get a cover sent to me before I have a book to put under it."
--Daniel Silva

I think I need to read his new book. And huh. He was talking about Babi Yar. Synchronicity.

There's also an interview with Henry Mancini's daughter this morning.

It'll be live over here in a couple of hours, if you're an east-coastie., or non-USAen, and missed it.

Also, finally installed Mozilla. I am so very, very lazy.
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bear by san

Non-Genre Online Workshop Beta Test

As some of you know, I'm a member of the Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

I also know some of y'all have written to me looking for a mainstream workshop. Well, the OWW is seeking beta-testers for a general-fiction and mystery 'shop, which is currently free, if anybody wants to wander over and kick the tires.

Meanwhile, I need to wash my hair. Ew.
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bear by san

The more things same the change

The Russians are launching a Soviet Soyuz capsule today, to carry out a crew swap on the International Space Station. One of the crew, the American, is a 200-day Mir veteran, who made that trip on the Space Shuttle, if I am following this news report accurately.

The shy, sweet, declawed, 20-lb grey cat is sitting on my desk on the book-case in front of the screen talking to the birds who are less than 18 inches away, on the bird bell outside the window. He's very frustrated.

The birds are mocking him.

The world is a wooly and wonderful place. It never pays to assume that the status quo is gonna stick around longer than the next deep breath, does it?

This message brought to you by the letter tseh, the number 1964, and the spirit of international humility.


I'm on page 320 of 609 of my edit of All the Windwracked Stars, and I've gotten around 10K out of it. If I can get it down to 130K, I will be a happy eBear, but I'm not counting on it.
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bear by san

If you're going to get your heart broke, you better do it just right

It's got to be raining, and you've got to move your stuff that night.

Dar has a way with words, she does. Some of these lyricists are amazing--a whole story in just two rhyming lines. Gorgeous stuff.

And that's the draft done.

Woo hoo. It was really a lot of fun to visit with the old friends again. The moreaux and Kasimir and all the various animal people. And Muire and her boys, of course. And also, I'm glad to be done. And I promise not even to send it to you until 2006, arcaedia.

Gotta see if I can finish the Songlines book tomorrow, and move on to some Chinese politics. Worldwired is making twitching motions in the back of my head, which is promising.

"There's an angry god gonna strike you--that's what we pay him for, that's okay."
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