April 23rd, 2004

bear by san

She ain't exactly pretty; ain't exactly small--

It's still pop culture week here in weird brain of Elizabeth Bear:

Was driving into work this morning with the classic rock station cranked up, as is my wont, because it wouldn't do to drift off into early-morning oblivion and drive into a bus going the wrong way around what Southern Nevada laughably considers a rotary,and I was singing along to AC/DC at the top of my lungs, and it hit me.

Right between the eyes.

Like a dead fish.

They sound a little quaint and mellow these days, don't they? Good blues band. Not too edgy. Not real loud.


I wonder what our great grandkids are going to be listening to when Nine Inch Nails and Pantera are the soundtrack for the nursing home and elevator music set.
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bear by san

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I do not think my hook is hooky.

And I have such.

Performance anxiety.

You would not believe.

But I have 500 words of Worldwired written, and I'm going back in for another pass. Progress is progress, yes?

It wants to start off from a different person's POV than the other two. Do you think my editor will break my kneecaps for that?
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