April 26th, 2004

bear by san


I made these cinnamon rolls yesterday.

They're delicious, especially the dough (the roll itself, as opposed to the filling) which is flaky, very slightly chewy, and more like a pastry than a bread.

They also microwave well, wrapped in a wet paper towel to keep them from drying out, as I just learned.

Next time I will use more brown sugar and maybe a small dab of cream cheese frosting, though, as the lemon glaze I used was just a touch too sweet and overpowered the delicate pastry just a little.

There's a fair amount of rising time involved, but the actual prep is almost idiot proof. (I'm one of these poor souls who makes cakes out of boxes because when I try to make them from scratch, they are ass, and the only measuring implement I had a pyrex measuring cup, so salt and sugar were by the palm-of-hand method, and I didn't have a flour sifter, and they STILL came out (all my cooking gear is still in Connecticut, and the kitchen in the house we're living in has no storage and no counterspace, so there's no point in getting more)).

I used a vodka bottle out of the freezer as a rolling pin.

Kept 'em from sticking. *g*
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bear by san

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I've had the Billy Joel on nausea rotation all day. It seems to be the song to get me into my writing groove.

I did good today. I'm calling it a writing day and going off to do something fun. *g*

Maybe a walk later, if it ever gets cool enough.

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