April 27th, 2004

bear by san

There's just a thin miscalculation of the home row

between flash fiction and slash fiction. You Have Been Warned.

Did the 3.7 mile walk last night, despite summer having arrived in Southern Nevada, a/k/a Hell. May make an attempt at yoga today, if I am not too sleepy. (Did not sleep much last night.)

Wow, I have a laundry list of things to do today; I have packages to put together and mail for various people, I need to buy a new printer (The little HP was not meant for the sort of tree-murdering abuse it gets at my hands, alas), and I have one crit to type up and consider a little more, and two more to do, and I have to write the next scene in Worldwired. The good news is, I know what happens in this cene, and the next one, and probably even the two after that. The book is developing momentum, which is good, because I'd hate to crash into the 35-K Wall without some force behind me.

Because the Dreaded Middle Of The Book is on the other side of the 35-K Wall, and if you're not rolling when you hit that point, it's a wearying slog. Amen.

In other news, I'm 32 years old, and warts are still kind of grossly cool.
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bear by san

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I have in my hot little hands the copy edited MS of Hammered, and it got delayed, so they need it back yesterday.

Remember all that stuff on my errands list for today?

Heh. Whups.
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bear by san

Michael and Jenn, this meme's for you--

Meme of the week (via riba_rambles):

Which Food Network Chef are you? </html>

I managed to keep a straight face until I saw the wording on the 'submit' button.


Halfway done with the copyedited MS and off to get the boy from work. I even got one of those critiques done. I'm going to be very cranky if I don't get my scene written, today, though. And I need to send out boxen tomorrow. And do my Comicon membership and renew my subscriptions to Discover and Scientific American. And stuff.

And buy a printer and a pencil sharpener and another purple pencil. 'Cause this one is about all-in.

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Hunks of Science Fiction

Now, there's a list that gets the EBear seal of approval. Pity, no video clips....

And let's face it, Tony Head was hot even peddling coffee. And Claudia Black was hot even in Queen of the Damned, otherwise known as 'the worst movie ever to see theatrical release.'

I'm done with the copyedited manuscript. That was MUCH more bloodless than it could have been. Now, I goof off for a little while, drink some tea, eat a Cadbury Creme Egg, and write the next scene in Worldwired. Don't try this at home.


I am home.

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Happy first anniversary of V-I day, by the way. (One day late everywhere except here.)

Well, I didn't quite make two thousand words, but I did make an entire scene of 1850 words--and the complete manuscript is up around 10050. Page 37 of 45.

I love this part of the book. It's memories of this part of the book that sustain me when the whole thing grinds to a halt in a tremendous mess of I-can-never-pull-this-off.
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