June 5th, 2004

bear by san

I'm going to be the fussy buzzkill who didn't like the new Harry Potter movie. Mind you, I didn't

*dislike* it:

I wish I'd had a character like Hermione (Good arm, girl!) to aspire towards when I was a geeky young thing (she's much less obnoxious in the movies than in the books), and all three of the young actors continue to be professional, believable, and charming (Rupert Grint, in particular, has a rubber face the equal of anything young Robert Vaughn could manage), and it serves very well as a visual tour of the high points of the book, and I still think Gary Oldman is a really fine actor who needs to strangle his agent.... or exercise better script selection, if it's his doing that he wound up in ^The Fifth Element (he was the best thing about Lost In Space) and he was quite a lot of fun in this, and I loved seeing the kids in jeans and trainers, and the movie was really visually pretty, and the actor playing Lupin brought a lovely shabby charisma to the role, and dang yes, the hippogriff was cool and I want one.

I mean, that was one cool hippogriff. Could we go back and get three hours of movie with just the hippogriff?

And Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman were both quite wonderful in their respective (all-too-brief) roles, and the kids actually seem like kids in this movie.

But while it did present a coherent plotline, it was one, alas, without much in the way of narrative tension or drive or arc, and as a result I found myself bouncing in my seat and checking my husband's watch a lot. Still, very pretty to look at, and lots of fine acting. Just, the whole conflict thing? Not so much.

Kids will love it. Heck, most grownups will too.

In the meantime, does anybody know where I can get a hippogriff?


I notice some familiar names on Andy Hatchell's 2003 recommended reading list....


Mine's not there, but I do see Beth Bernobich, John Borneman, Rudi Dorneman, Jay Lake, haddayr, nihilistic_kid, lonesome_crow, Tim Pratt, Bruce Holland Rogers, Heather Shaw, gregvan, and a few other friends and acquaintances floating around in there....


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bear by san

I can't decide. I really can't.

The suspense is killing me.

Smarty Jones and Rock Hard Ten. Boxed. Eddington to show. I'd like to see a Triple Crown, but I'm in love with the bay. Which is bizarre, because I'm a chestnut fan by upbringing and inclination.

Just be sure to let me know, any time you have a fence you want straddled.
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bear by san

Cousins. Really.

The world has changed.

kit_kindred is in the living room with the guys watching "Johnny Quest" on dvd and slashing Race Bannon and Dr. Quest. Not that I can find any grounds to disagree, but he's claiming they were the first gay couple on prime time.

He always freaks out when I tell him that Napoleon and Illya were *so* an item, so I am restraining myself.

*G* Okay, I failed to restrain myself.

kit_kindred: "Napoleon didn't have enough fashion sense to be gay."
me: "Well, he was obviously bisexual. Look at all the women he dragged home."
him: ".... hurm."
Dylan, from the corner: "No, it was obviously that they were pining for each other, but neither one ever had the courage to say anything."
kit_kindred: "It's right there in the opening credits. The lingering glances Race and Dr. Quest are shooting each other."

I have a slashfest going on in my living room, and it's all men out there. I'm torn between terror and hysterics.

Thank God they don't have any Starsky & Hutch episodes, is all I'm saying.

Tracy & Hepburn, Bert & Ernie, Race & Dr. Quest....


In other news, I got about three pages on Worldwired and I'm still plugging away at it, and I polished up "And the Deep Blue Sea,</i> and I got about half a page on the necklace story.

That feels like a decent day's work. I really wanted to go for a walk today, too, but it's just too damned hot.
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