June 18th, 2004

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"Virgin" comet apparently composed of freeze-dried ice cream.

Now, that's cool.

Hit 47K and change last night. Took me forever to get rolling, but I got my damned words. Page 192 of 203; nearly halfway done. The tea was Russian Caravan, the mammalian assistance was mostly Signy the great Dane poking me with her nose intermittently to make sure I'm really really real and haven't left her again. Also, kit_kindred and I went out to lunch, and stopped at the discount liquor store, where I bought slivovitz and he bought lime stuff.
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bear by san

50K or bust

Words so far today: 512
Words total:47906
Page: 194 of 205
Reason for stopping: End of scene, major plot point dispensed (and dispensed with, for that matter). Must regroup.
Tea: Russian Caravan with ollalieberry jam, and then lychee
Mammalian assistance: Mebd's "really, your keyboard has somehow become grey and furry" routine. Also, a mastiff-led intervention that ran something like "Mom, you're spending much too much time at your keyboard and not nearly enough petting the giant dog."
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Words Today:2225
Words Total: 49619
Pages: 201 of 212
Reason for stopping: starving. to. death.
Tea: No tea.
Mammalian assistance: A very thorough becatting and headbumping from Marlowe, along with a mouthful of black fur. He's shedding. And demanding to be combed. And loved. And made much of. Makes it hard to type. Also, Mebd came and yelled at me, and the mastiff is snoring behind my chair.
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bear by san

Worldwired progress notes

Positive words today: 3,307
Negative words today: 358
Total words today: 2,949
Manuscript total: 50,343
Pages: 206 of 215
Reason for stopping: That. Is. Enough. Thankyewveddymuch.
Tea: slivovitz and rooibos chai
Mammalian assistance: Marlowe asking to be combed, and then biting my hands when I comb him, and now sitting quietly and charmingly on my windowsill.

I am officially halfway goddamned done with the goddamned book. You know, I am really, really productive when I get to sleep to seven instead of to four.

Fifty K! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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