June 19th, 2004

bear by san

You were my cherry popsicle. You'll never ever know.

I got my first-ever personal rejection from Asimov's today. I feel like I've accomplished something, dammit.

I also have the page proofs for the Zeppelin anthology, a thousand words of Worldwired to write, and chapters to crit for Amanda and Kat.

Guess I better stop goofing around huh?


Also, I have a new email address-- matociquala at gmail dot com. I plan to use that one mostly for livejournal comments and mailing list stuff, and keep the popmail accounts (bear at tuginternet dot com and bear at elizabethbear dot com) for personal and business correspondence. But, you know, it all goes to the same place.

More or less.
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bear by san

Progress Notes

Words today: 1136
Words total: 51,479
Pages: 211 of 219
Reason for stopping: End of scene, regroup, do some other work and get away from the PC for a bit whil I figure out the next one.
Tea: Rose congou
Mammalian assistance: For crying out loud, Marlowe, leave me the heck alone, you little bastard. I fed you already. I FED YOU!

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bear by san

More progress notes

Okay, I'm calling that a day.

Words today: 2112
Words total: 52455
Manuscript page: 215 of 223
Reason for stopping: End of scene
Tea: Rose congou, and a Beck's.
Mammalian assistance: None

Amazing how much easier this is when I am rested. Wow.
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bear by san

I hate Peter Watts with the kind of blind passion that Salieri would have recognized.

I made the mistake of reading the web-page published excerpt of Peter's new novel, Behemoth, here. I'm not sure when his pub date is, but I may not be alive to read the book, because reading his prose makes me want to chew my wrists open.

I will never. In a million years. Write that well.

Good god, his sentence-level work is amazing. Total confidence, total muscularity, no scaffolding at all. I want to write like that when I grow up.

And if you haven't read Starfish and Maelstrom yet, what the Hell are you waiting for?

This guy's like John Brunner. Except he doesn't pull his punches.
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