June 21st, 2004

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katallen clued me the hell in today as to why Worldwired is so damned weird to write. She said, in part:

"-- the other reason this is probably weird to write, all these bits are so good, but at the same time they're post-trauma, which isn't something seen that often, not unless the trauma was pre-the cycle of books."

Yes! That's it exactly! Yes! *kisskisskiss* Kat, I'd offer to have your kids, but neither one of us would know what to do with them.

In other news, work was hell this morning, and I have to go back to the eye doctor today, and to the bank and to the post office, and I would give anything not to have to. It's hot out there. And it means I won't get any writing done until after three, at the earliest. Sigh.

And I got a rejection from F&SF this morning.

On the other hand, I also got a package from kelliem.
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bear by san

much better than it sounds.

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I learned that one when I was in the Canton of Fennbrycg. The Baron used to make it for Simple Faire, and we'd all gorge on it so thoroughly nobody ever ate the fourth remove.
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Something today reminded me of an SF book that I read and loved as a kid-- The Godwhale, by T.S. Bass, or maybe T.J. Bass

I am the only person on earth who ever read that book.

One of the protagonists got warbles at one point. Another protag was bisected at the hips, and another one was a genetically engineered baleen whale with a mind control device implanted in her brainstem, and cybernetics.

I think about that book whenever I want to know if I'm fucking my protags over hard enough.

So far, I'm a piker.

Also, Daniel Silva is a bunch lot meaner to his protags than I am. Obviously, I need to do some damage around here.
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Words Today--1015 (by the skin of my teeth)
Words total:54674
Pages: 224 of 232
Tea: Water, and lots of it
Reason for stopping: God, please let me reeeeest...........
Mammalian assistance: They knew better, I think.

Yup, it's confirmed. The whole day job thing is kicking my ass.
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