June 23rd, 2004

bear by san

Complete random geek moment

Oh, by the way, last night, as soon as I blogged that I had no rejections, one arrived in my inbox. So I'm going to try it again. "No mail today."

Geek moment. I blame cpolk for this.

I used to work for a small export company. The only lingering result is that I now have a thing about container vessels. Like this one. The Sovereign Maersk. (if you click on the thumbnail, you can see a bigger pic.)

For scale, every one of those containers on her deck is the size of a 20-foot or a 40-foot semi trailer. Loaded weight of the big ones about 45,000 pounds. And on that ship right there, and her fleet of sisters, even though we mostly don't know it or think about it, rests the fate of the world. Industry, science, medicine, houses, cars, jobs, your ability to feed and clothe your family, the entire world economy. All of it.

Right there. Taken for granted.

The silent backbone of the world, the soup pot on the hearth of the global village.

I will admit to being goofy and weird and sentimental. I will admit to being suspiciously proletariat in my sympathies. But ships of war don't do a damned thing for me, unless tall ships count. (But tall ships are special, aren't they? Even whaling boats, and the Amistad, even knowing what they were used for, they have a raptor's beauty.) The Titanic was a flashy toy.

But the Sovereign Maersk chokes me up with awe.

so much depends

a red wheel

Or maybe I should be quoting Sandberg, instead?

In any case, I have a thing about Shire horses, too.
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bear by san

Progress Notes


Words today: 2231
Words total: 59080
Manuscript pages: 242 of 250
Stimulants: Earl Grey and liquorice Altoids. Not all at once.
Reason for stopping: I only meant to get to 58K today, and it's end of scene, and really, 59K and 250 pages is such a nice pretty place to stop. Only 46K more to go, if I am on schedule.
Mammalian assistance: When Marlowe thinks you're working too hard he walks up and steals your spectacles. Also, a mastiff sleeping contentedly on your sneakers is a Presence, even when you're not in the sneakers at the time. And Ollie is having a lovely time blocking my light.
Exercise: None yet, but the pool opens for family swim at 7.
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