June 26th, 2004

bear by san

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The dangers of listening to Weekend Edition while eating. Kevin Kline just made cinnamon Life come out my nose.

Kline's playing Cole Porter in a new movie, but in this particular segment he was talking about kissing Tom Selleck in In & Out.

Scott Simon: "What's that like?"
Kevin Kline: "Except for the beard burn, it's not all that different from... kissing Meg Ryan."


And! katallen sent me booookses. Pretty, pretty bookses. And a charm bracelet. With a bear paw charm on it, and a hammer charm, and an eagle feather charm. (The hammer is obvious. The eagle feather is for Scardown. All will become plain in June of 2005.) I told her my goal was to bankrupt her on charms. *g*

Which reminds me, stillnotbored tells me the pub date for Hammered, according to Barnes & Noble, is December 28th.

So there you have it. Watch this space for updates.
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bear by san

Meanwhile, I'm having apple pie for dinner.

Theodora Goss on interstitial art:

To which all I can say is, once there's a foundation for it, you've missed the revolution.

Want a cupcake while you wait for the next one?

As for me? Some of my writing is litfic, some is slipstream, some is mystery, some is SF, some is fantasy. Some of it is several of the above. Categories are handy, but I'm not sure the ones described in Goss's blog entry are, you know, anything other than handwaving. I think what's going on is that the lines are blurry and getting blurrier, and it's, you know. Nothing new. Really.

About 900 words today. Not sure, because there was a big hacking-out of outline notes. Also, I did a lot of screaming at friends and thrashing and may actually have figured out what actually happens and the plot points I was missing. So I have an outline from here to the end of the book.

Except I'm still not happy with the bad guys' twist countertwist maneuver, but I will sleep on it, and it will no doubt make sense in the morning. Or I can fake it if it doesn't, because I know enough now to press on.

Words today: ~900
Words total: 62,700 (because of outline words cut)
Manuscript pages:259 of 264
Reason for stopping: Argh. Stupid book. Thinks it needs to make logical sense or something.
Stimulants: See apple pie, above. Also, a great deal of water, and a limited amount of scotch.
Mammalian assistance: flying visits from Ollie and Marlowe, snoring dog.
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