June 28th, 2004

bear by san

Daniel Webster, eat your heart out.

His house is more or less part of the West Hartford public library these days. But that's besides the point. The point is, I love The American Heritage Dictionary. Webster's just isn't the same.

For one thing, the AHD lists "snarf" as a verb.


Words today: 1757
Words total: 67796
Manuscript pages: 280 of 285
Notecards destroyed: None. Actually, I'm back up to 30, because I made a bunch of revision notes on one.
Reason for stopping: End of scene, also killer headache.
Stimulants: Fresca, Earl Grey, and nag champa
Mammalian assistance: Marlowe demandng to be combed and the dogs demanding to be fed
Exercise: none
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    Talking Heads--Sugar on my Tongue