July 1st, 2004

bear by san

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Defenestration is the #1 word of 2004.

Those are good words. I like "sesquipedalian" a lot, not in the least because it's self-referential, but "defenestration" is up there.

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Progress Notes: Worldwired:

Words today: 1702
Words total: 75,125 MS Word, 79,000 manuscript. Between 25 and 30K to go.
Manuscript pages: 306 of 316, ~104 pages to go.
Reason for stopping: End of scene, began next scene, got to where I said I would stop and a little more.
Stimulants: Jasmine tea
Mammalian assistance: Let the cat out. Let the cat in. Comb the cat because he's shedding on the keyboard and nagging for love. Feed the other cat. Pet the silly giant dog.
Notecards obliterated: 1, 25 remaining.
Last exercise: 6/30, 10 laps of the public pool. Currently chairdancing. Then I will vacuum. That's exercise, right? Guys? Guys?
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bear by san

Oh fer crying out loud

I'm going to break something googling in a minute. I'm giving up and asking for help, because my google-fu seems to be broken, although I turned up the B.H. Liddell-Hart quote I needed in one try.

Who the hell said "The men who love war are mostly the ones who have never been in it."? Or if I'm misquoting, how and who am I misquoting?

Was it Eisenhower? It really *sounds* like Eisenhower....

ETA: I had a sudden thought that maybe it's SHerman. In any case, I'm almost positive it was an American, and I know I have the phrasing very close to correct.
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