August 10th, 2004

bear by san

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This one's for katallen in particular, but really, all the novelists out there---

courtesy of quinnclub

"You will know when your novel is finished. You will feel like
throwing up whenever you look at it."

- James Frey, in How To Write a Damn Good Novel.

Ah. So true.

On that note, about 1460 words on Whiskey & Water last night, completing Chapter 1 (Didn't we complete chapter one already? Oh, right, we did, but apparently not well enough. This time it might stick, though.) from which I also cut about 200 words. Also, I know what the next two chapterettes of One-Eyed Jack are, and also the next two chapters of Whiskey & Water. And I actually liked what I wrote on W&W yesterday. It's the first time I remember really unreservedly liking my own writing since... "Botticelli," I think it was. And the first time I've liked anything in a novel since before last Worldcon. So viva!


ETA: Gotham wins itself another cool point today, as the Empire State building honors Fay Wray.
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bear by san

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I'm neurotic about Worldwired today because none of my first readers have gotten back to me yet on whether it works or not, and it's a major tone shift from Hammered Collapse )

And so, like Pepys, to bed.
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