September 14th, 2004

bear by san

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The New York Times Magazine on Working-Class Shakespeare.

Good stuff, and they're kinder to Kit than most of the Shakespearean articles manage, but they still buy the rather historically uninformed party line about his will. (Hello, widow's portion?)

Thanks to tanaise for the heads-up.
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bear by san


I'm writing a short story disguised as a one-act play. Or possibly a one-act play that's never actually intended to be performed.

It has a title, though: L'esprit d'escalier

And it looks like the warrior goldfish and the beatniks go with the dead queer poets. Synthesis! Who knew? Eee. Short... story... brewing... fleeeeeeeeeee.......

It's always a good sign when they make one's brain feel full.

In other news, Scalzi on the economics of publishing, more seriously this time.
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