September 16th, 2004

bear by san

Good News, Good News

I'm very pleased to say that Andy Cox at Interzone has offered to publish my short story "When you Visit the Magoebaskloof Hotel, be Certain not to Miss the Samango Monkeys."

I'm very excited about this; The story's like an odd little Zen koan, and I'm happy it found somebody to love it.

Interzone is a UK magazine which has recently undergone something of an editorial reshuffling; so far, the change seems entirely for the better in terms of responsiveness, etc. Subscriptions or single issue purchases are available over here, if you wanted to help them out a little in these days of tight budgets and folding markets. It's a good market, and I don't just say that because they liked my weird little Zen koan story.

I don't know yet what issue it'll be in; Andy's comments seemed to indicate 'soon.' (The advantage of short short stories; they fill up layout holes that long short stories don't. *g*)


My freakish streak of being able to predict the deaths of celebrities by mentioning them in a more or less peripheral fashion in a work of fiction continues. Past victims include Stuart Adamson (Formerly of Big Country), Dr. Robert L. Forward, and Julia Child. Now, RIP Johnny Ramone. But not too much peace, okay, dude?


In other news, happy slightly belated Rosh Hashana to my Jewish friends, and don't forget that Sunday is National Talk Like A Pirate Day!



Confidential to ACUS folks... I just discovered that the next Survivor series is set on Vanuatu. Alert the President-in-Anticipation!
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bear by san


Okay, this is true catwaxing. I spent most of the day making silly animated icons.

Now I have to take the boy to the airport.

This is what I made.



and, of course, the one up there.

Ah, for a truly masturbatory afternoon....
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confidential to piratejenny, buymeaclue stillsostrange, and others:

Shaun of the Dead really, really, really rocks.

"Don't say the Zed word!"

Future catchphrase.

Mark my words, this sucker has cult classic stamped all the hell over it.

We're talking Repo Man status here. Meet The Feebles. This movie is nobody's bitch.
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