September 23rd, 2004

bear by san

Link Salad and GiP

elisem's very interesting essay on her hearing loss is worth reading for everybody.

origami grizzly. too cool (via katallen)

And a bat. and detail of the bat.

Dude, I can't even get my cranes to come out even. *g*

Also, GiP. Yes, that's the Whiskey in Whiskey & Water. He's a Kelpie. *g* I bet you guessed that already.

Okay, back to the damned coal mines. A hundred more pages by nightfall!
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bear by san

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Somebody remind me that in twelve months, I will actually like this book again.

Ye gods. This damned thing is now on its third plot, all of them subtly but importantly different. And I can't shake the feeling that if you x-rayed it, you'd be able to see the old plots shining through like a landscape under a painted-over canvas.

It's also hard because all this squishing and slurping means I can't feel the outline of the book in my head any more, so I have no idea if I've bitched up the pacing or the arc or whatever.

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