October 19th, 2004

bear by san

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I just heard from Ellen Datlow of SCIFICTION. She's buying my Lovecraftian category romance, "The Follow Me Light," which is a story written because of one of elisem's named necklaces (which I am wearing right at this second as I type.)

I couldn't be happier. *g* The jinx is definitely broken--and a good thing, too. I was running out of new markets.

In other news, Ollie has been feeling well enough to complain about his SQ fluids, and eating tunafish. And he peed like a racehorse this moring, which is the sort of thing that only a cat-owner could find encouraging.

ETA: Oh, and mistersleepless (Warren Ellis) has a lovely blog on internet presence for creative artists over here:

Point is: you need your presence. It needs to be simple and effective and it needs to be able to project your voice.
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