December 11th, 2004

bear by san

Good news, busy news, strange news, turtle news

The good news is that Anne emailed to let me know that Hammered has gone back for a second printing. Already.

This is good news. It means I can stop chewing my paws over pre-orders and start chewing my paws over sellthrough. *chews paws.*

In *busy* news, I have my edit letter for Worldwired, and, as I feared, it looks like a bit of work. Including cutting some length while clarifying the internal arcs of multiple characters and making the climax more explicit, the drama of it more visible. All of which I expected, but which are my worst nightmares when it comes to revisions.

I'll probably get the line-edited manuscript on Monday, and start work then.

In the strange news, the man who was accused of murdering a family friend and her mother has been convicted and sentenced to death. I have very mixed emotions about this. The murder was caught on videotape; there's no real doubt as to what happened.

I'm still not convinced that executing criminals is the answer.

This is the second time someone I know has been murdered. (The first time was my aunt, Lissa, who was killed by her husband when I was a teenager.) It makes me feel... very lonely.

In turtle news, grapes no (sorry, Peter), bok choy and carrots yes. Today we try apples.

I took him out and let him swim around in the bath tub yesterday, to get a change of scene and some exercise. He seemed to enjoy it. Monday, he goes to his new, permanent home in the turtlearium in the science lab at Cimmarron Memorial High School in Las Vegas, where he will have an enormous tank, fish to chase, other turtles to harrass, and high school students to bite and hiss at. Everyone is quite satisfied with this solution, except, I suspect, the cats, who are still fascinated.
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bear by san

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Several people asked me for my thoughts on The Last Light of the Sun, by Guy Gavriel Kay. Collapse )

I almost closed the book and walked away. But I didn't, and I'm glad I didn't, because everything on both sides of those few dozen pages in the middle is quite wonderful and sprawling and delicious. Anyway, overall, I liked it.
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