December 24th, 2004

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Season's greetings! I'm wearing the socks stillnotbored sent me, with puppy dogs on them, and with them I am wearing my purple Chucks. Life proceeds. I am at work today. Alas.

Thanks, everybody who's been phoning in with in-the-wild sightings of Hammered. (Apparently we're faced-out in Calgary. Wait until they read book two. Heh.)

In other news, still no writing, although the barest tickle of the urge to write is there, slowly re-emerging. I'd like to write a short story or six, since inventory's a little low these days (not that I'm complaining), but my brain is still empty. Except this one dried pea that tends to rattle when I shake it.

I have a list of story ideas, though. I just have to get some plots and characters to go with them. Darn stories that require plots and conflict. Whose idea was that?

retrobabble and Sharon-who-has-no-livejournal are in town for the holiday. They dragged me (fighting all the way, I assure you) to the land of back massage, steam rooms, and long hot tub soaks yesterday. The only drawback to this plan is that at exactly nine fifteen last night, all those muscles in my back that are habitually tied in knots went "Wait a minute; we're not locked up! what's this?" and commenced to ache.

As a result, there was no real exercise yesterday, although we're going to try for some stretching today and see if we can prolong the benefits a little. (Posture! Posture!) And it has me thinking about women and community and single-gender space, which is all useful stuff for Carnival.

I suppose it's completely inevitable that I would grow up fascinated by gender roles, all things considered.

I feel nicely grounded. Huzzah for that! It didn't help with the getting out of bed at four AM part of my morning, although I did sleep well.

Wow, what a pointlessly self-indulgent post. I'm sorry. I'm really very boring, when I'm not writing. *g*
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bear by san

In the somewhat dubious spirit of holiday giving--

Many years ago, when I was in college and the SCA and didn't know any better, I started somewhat compulsively collecting variant verses of the notorious filk to "That Old Time Religion." While my accomplishment was nothing like tamnonlinear's, I was pretty proud of it at the time.

Some of them are offensive to somebody, I'm sure.
Some of them are very funny.
Some of them are not.

They're more or less organized by religion, but not really.

And now, in the spirit of the holiday, I offer them to you.

Well, we went to worship Venus,
By the Gods! You should have seen us!
And the clinic had to screen us...
Still, she's good enough for me.

Collapse )

Feel free to comment with any I don't have listed. I'll add 'em to the collection; maybe we'll make it an annual tradition.
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bear by san

Announcing a new mailing list for writers--all species

Words in Common is a place for writers and editors of all stripes--professional, semipro, hobby and fan--and all genres to get together and talk as peers about the craft, art, and business of writing.

Critiques are not exchanged on list. However, participants are welcome to use the list to meet people who may serve as first readers and betas

I expect conversation about literature, book recommendations, and so forth will also be treated with delight. Everybody's welcome, as long as they'e interested in writing and open to learning. The hope is that it will form a place where the community of writers is comfortable, and mentorships and friendships can be formed.

There's an associated livejournal community here: words_in_common

ETA: feel free to pass the word.
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