December 29th, 2004

bear by san

All that hammering--

Well, the Red Sox were right. It's the end of the world.

I never saw a flood until I moved to the desert. Now, they're a fact of life, like blizzards back east.

It's been raining in Vegas since yesterday morning. Took me fifteen minutes longer than usual to get into work today because I had to find a navigable river, but it turned out not to matter that I was late because I'm still the only one here. The roof at the office is leaking. The roof at home, thankfully, is intact. (crosses fingers) And I'm pretty sure I hear hammering....

I wanted to thank everybody who offered felicitations regarding Hammered.

Now, we wait.

I started a paper edit of One-Eyed Jack yesterday and got through about 130 pages. the first third, at least, is in considerably better shape than I had feared. I'm going to have to find someplace to interweave a bunch of backstory Jackie didn't give me until after I finished the draft--you know, the stuff that gives him a character arc--and work in some exposition about him, and Bugsy, and a couple of other folks. The middle and last third of the book need more work; there's a character who needs unpersoning, because he's dead weight, and two more who need to meet an untimely fate for various reasons of plot and tension. (I feel like the bear in the Jimmy Buffett version of 'God's Own Drunk:' "And then he ate my sunglasses, to show me he was a badass.")

And I'm getting a sore throat.

Happy wednesday, ladies and gentlemen!
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