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there's a hidden door she leads you to

Al Stewart and Josephine Baker are following me around this week.

Got up, took the dog out, did some yoga (20 minutes of sun salutations.) Ate a food and started bread and did the dishes. La la la. Goal for the rest of the day: practice some guitar, and then finish this damned draft of Too Many Necromancers.

I shall not sleep before the draft is done. Even if it's just a slurry of bracket notes and WTF. Because I really have no clue how to finish this thing. I've got the wrong end of it somehow and I have to do a tricky trick and flip it around while making it look like I meant to do that the whole damned time.

In order to keep you entertained while I am engaged in Death Race 2011 (now with 111% less DavidCarradineandSylvesterStallone, not to mention horrid 70's eye makeup), I bring you the second half of "Boojum" from Drabblecast. With a second and equally nifty image of the Lavinia Whately.

"Boojum," Part One

"Boojum," Part Two

Teacup today: Green stoneware. Serious business requires a high-capacity mug.
Tea today: Upton's Sencha, Shizuoka #2; Upton's China Pre-Chingming Golden Monkey

2011 04 19 Daily Commute 002  2011 04 19 Daily Commute 001

(tea photo is blurry, but you get the idea)

And now... This Draftus Must Die.

Here's where we start for the day:

Too Many Necromancers aka The Shaded King aka This Thing Needs A Different Title

hours since draftkill commencement: 0
words since draftkill commencement: 0
words total: 15,000

15000 / 25000 (60.00%)

Research: --
Exercise: yoga (20 mins of sun salutations),
Sustenance: redneck huevos rancheros (spicy black beans, tortilla strips, tomato, fried eggs). cantaloupe so ripe I had to eat it over the sink
Caffeine: sencha, golden monkey
Alcohol: --
with the dog
Mean things: --
Darling:  --
words Word don't know: --
words I'm surprised Word does know: --
Tyop: --
Tags: free online fiction, quotidiana, tea, the daily commute, with your draft or on it

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