January 2nd, 2005

bear by san

Love is the plan. The plan is death.


Actually, I kind of liked this one.

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Amazon apparently restocked before we could sell them out, drat them.

cpolk blogged a recent chat conversation we had regarding One-Eyed Jack and it's possible connections to Egyptian myth. (spoilers)

This is my master plan, by the way. Leave stuff ambiguous, allow people to come up with clever explanations, and call it "literachur."

Now you know.
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bear by san

In Memoriam:

There was a fine artist named Freas
Who could draw anything that he pleased
Specializing in BEMS
And satirical gems
And now, sad to say, he's deceased.

--ST Wishnevsky & Elizabeth Bear. (That other guy would be my dad. Yes, I know it's tasteless. It's a limerick. (edited with new last line that suits the rhyme scheme better courtesy of said dad.))

In other news, the second draft of One-Eyed Jack must be finished, because I hate it with an undying passion and I'm certain I can never fix it to be as good as I want it to be. This is normal, apparently, and The Way Things Work. By the time I get done with the third draft, it will, perhaps, not make me want to cry and be mean to people who ae just trying to help.

I have decided I need a t-shirt that says "I'm only mad at you because you're right."
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