January 5th, 2005

bear by san

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I'm fortunate enough to have gotten my hot little hands on a galley of Spin, Robert Charles Wilson's newest book (Tor, April 2005), and I have to say, the man makes me sick. He may be the most consistently underrated writer in science fiction today. I mean, he's just damned good.

BIG ideas. Stunning ideas. Sensawunda ideas. Awe-inspiring, breathtaking, Dyson-sphere-scale ideas. And real human complicated delicately drawn characters--not hamhanded caricatures or expositional robots. Strong, fragile, heartbreakingly plausible people. Complex and thoroughly examined plots.

And absolutely pellucid writing.

If I were a planaria, I would eat this man's brain. This stuff is that good.

(And, just to really rub in my current feast of wondrous fiction, after I finish this I get to read Behemoth:Seppuku. And The War of the Rats.)

Sometimes, I really like my job.
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