January 22nd, 2005

bear by san

I must get that check in the mail--

An absolutely fantastic Agony Column/Rick Kleffel review of Hammered went up yesterday. You can't see me, but I am currently (pre-tea) doing a little dance and chanting, "He gets it, he gets it, he gets it!" under my breath. And not just because of the Phillip K. Dick and Cambell award predictions. (Did he actually say that? *checks. chokes.* Wow, he really did.)

Anyway, this is the sentence that made me laugh out loud with delight: In 'Hammered', it's 2062 and Jenny Casey, the jack-booted thugette on the cover, is a bitter veteran of the wars that have ravaged the earth.

Oh, that's a good note to go to a book launch party on. (Yes, the book launch party is today. Bakka Books, Toronto, 3:00, if you're in the neighborhood.)

Also, it's snooooooooooowing! Yay! We're supposed to get hammered, too. (I will never be able to use that phrase again without cracking up.)

Good gravy, I miss snow.

ETA: In other news, Diane Duane is pissed off about the Hubble, and I don't blame her. It would probably be paranoid of me to think that a neocon agenda to de-emphasize space exploration and science in general could have anything to do with this, wouldn't it?

Yeah, I though it would be paranoid.
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