January 31st, 2005

bear by san

Progress Notes

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It's definitely a good review day. palinade was kind enough to send me the text of the New & Notable books mention for Hammered in Locus this month, along with a scan of the Russell Letson review. (Oh, don't look at me like that. I have a subscription; it's just that, as near as I can tell, my nomailman reads them before he hands them over to me.) Both say very nice things; the book's "riveting" and I'm "a skillful writer." And the longer one is spoilerriffical.

Also, SF Crow's Nest, a UK site, has a nice review of Hammered up, by Thomas L. Martin--"first novel problems are happily non-existent in this enjoyable distopian thriller."

And bluejack had some kind things to say about "Two Dreams on Trains" and "Follow Me Light" in the latest issue of IROSF (registration required). In a continuing online small press SFnal renaissance, they too have found a new editor in chief. Huzzah!

And over at SF Site, our own sartorias has reviewed All-Star Zeppelin Adventure stories, and says "Seven Dragons Mountains" is her favorite. (courtesy of princejvstin)

There's another review of Interzone 195 by Mark Watson at Best SF, including stories by myself (the monkey story!), unwrecked, and others. I love this line: Bear's story is notable by being a) short and b) good.

Also, I hear a rumor that my Lenox Avenue story, "Old Leatherwings," has been nominated by the editors for an SLF Fountain Award. It's a very good day to be me, but I refuse to let it go to my head. Tomorrow, I shall be a chump.

It's nice to be loved.

Phred comes home Thursday, if the Brown-shirted ones aren't lying. *misses beloved PC* Laptops are handy as a backup/travelling partner, but not so much for all day every day. My wrists are killing me.

And! Via the_monkey_king, Gregory Benford is my new best friend. Thus proving the old SFnal adage, just don' explain how it works, and somebody else will figure it out for you. The lasers the Montreal uses for navigational boost must be deployed on satellites or co-orbitals or something, though, because they're available on multiple angles of attack.


Maybe the masses anchoring the beanstalks....


Onward to the future!

Oh, and Anne says the Worldwired cover will probably be bright green, to go with the bright purple and bright blue. I have the preppiest noir cyberpunk covers since Thomas T. Thomas's Crygender. (Am I the last person on earth that remembers that book and its acid pink cover?)


Personal to Kevin Mc. I got your email and answered, but a server somewhere thinks you don't exist and is bouncing me, consarn it!
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