February 3rd, 2005

bear by san

I'm on several "word of the day" mailing lists

"Ask Oxford" is universally both the weirdest, and the snarkiest.

Like today's:

Welcome to the Word of the Day from AskOxford:


[FLEM-unz-firth] an Old English law term for the crime of harboring a banished person.

It's a corruption of an Old English term that literally means 'entertainment of fugitives', which makes you wonder that if the fugitives aren't having a really good time, is it still a crime? What if they're only smiling politely?

Also, GIP, courtesy of truepenny.
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bear by san

All the luck in all the world, and most of it was bad.

Well, a good day so far. I have a working computer (Phred's home! Yay!) and I have cover flats for Scardown. Remember how we were talking about how purple it was?

It's fuchsia. It's the most amazingly bright color ever. Just eyewatering. I love it.

That'll stand out on a shelf.

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