March 11th, 2005

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Tiptree Results are up:

Camouflage by Joe Haldeman, and Not Before Sundown (Troll) by Johanna Sinisalo.

The short list:

A.S. Byatt, Little Black Book of Stories (Chatto and Windus 2003; Knopf 2004);
L. Timmel Duchamp, Love's Body, Dancing in Time (Aqueduct Press 2004);
Carol Emshwiller, "All of Us Can Almost…" (SciFiction 11/17/04);
Nancy Farmer, Sea of Trolls (Atheneum 2004);
Eileen Gunn, Stable Strategies and Others (Tachyon Press 2004);
Gwyneth Jones, Life (Aqueduct Press 2004);
Jaye Lawrence, "Kissing Frogs" (Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 2004)

Conga-rats to all! (and thanks to chance88088 for finding the list for me when I moped)
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bear by san

I require an entire pot of tea to write a novel proposal.


greygirlbeast quotes Christopher Wiseman:

"Why these creatures live to you is because you are still creating them. When you have finished creating them they will be as dead to you as the atoms that make our living food."

and oh, 'tis true, 'tis true.

By the way, it turns out the station wagon is green. *g* My dad mis-remembered. (Which is good; I like green. It's my favorite color, tied with copper and black. Preferably all together.)

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