April 6th, 2005

bear by san

and there is no rest for the ones God blessed, and he blessed you best of all.

One thing I love about omni. Now I understand how Richard Adams and J.R.R. Tolkien get away with those breathtakingly wonderful passages of description and exposition. Ah HAH! THIS is what it's for. Wheeeee!

Okay, that bit was fun.

Which leads me to the not unwelcome discovery that I need to reread Watership Down. For the twenty-seventh time. I think. I may have lost track somewhere.

Unfortunately, I think my copy is in storage in Connecticut.

Progress notes for 6 April 2005

Whiskey & Water

New Words: 2669
Total Words: 23,007
Pages: 104. (Over a hundred pages! Yay!)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
23,007 / 160,000

Reason for stopping: Work, dammit
Mammalian Assistance: Hi, Marlowe. Off the keyboard, please. Also, the dogs are in and out and in and out and in like a Firesign Theatre sketch.
Stimulants: Rose lychee congou
Exercise: plans are walking, and gothercise.
Mail: nomail
Tyop du jour: Everybody else was in your bast shadow. Mrow!
Darling du jour: The children stood breathing behind her, pressed together like owlets in the nest, eyes huge and wild.
Books in progress: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory; Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver
Interesting research tidbit of the day: Chart for manufacturing stained glass (courtesy of chance88088)
Other writing-related work: none
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