May 29th, 2005

bear by san

And the evening and the morning were the second day:

update, Saturday

valancy, stillsostrange, and I just got back from two hours of heavy dancing at Madison's goth club, the Inferno. We had a charming cab driver on the way out and a cranky cab driver on the way back, whom we relinquished to sovay in the parking lot of the hotel. I will note that valancy was beating off the men with a stick, while the club's population of eligible ladies were obviously in hot pursuit of stillsostrange. (I got just enough attention not to feel left out, until I got sweaty, and then everybody wisely gave me a wide berth.)

Before that, there was a lot of holding down of elisem's table, my second women in the military panel (which will not be blogged extensively here, because I entered Panel Fugue and do not recall it), lunch (Ethiopian), dinner (Fusiony stuff, which was sort of adequate but probably the worst meal I've had in Madison: medium rare tuna does NOT mean cooked all the way through, thank you, and I should have gotten the mushroom pasta), the Haiku Earring party

(My haiku:

The Fauna of Death

Worm-tunnel'd timber
Ratchet of a too-wound clock
Tick, tock: the deathwatch

) and Karaoke. Yes, they made me sing. Those who witnessed it will testify as to why it does not happen often--but, fortified with two glasses of not particularly alcoholic cider, we mangled the hell out of Blondie and Chris Isaak. Be glad that the tapes are unlikely to surface on the Internet.

I actually went to the Karaoke nightmare because the Campbell Affair calling out was supposed to be there. We waited for an hour and a half, but the dastardly Mr. Moles and his second failed to appear.

I won't be surprised if they flee the state rather than face me in fair combat. Although I suppose I can't blame them for being intimidated.

We also attended the Tiptree auction (Ellen Klages remains a beacon of charisma and charm in the industry) and I fell in love with one of Darlene Coltrain's lost wax cast tourmaline rings, which I can't afford until I get paid for one of those books or a short story. So, um, I have a business card. *g* We'll see how it goes.

There's also a necklace of elisem's that's been bugging me since Worldcon that may come home with me if nobody buys it by Monday. We shall see, Precious. We shall seeeeeee.

And now, shower, so stillsostrange doesn't mind sleeping with me tonight.
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bear by san

And the evening and the morning were the third day

L'affaire Campbell has been carried out; honor is satisfied, and Benjamin Rosenbaum suffered a snootful of whipped cream after attempting to substitute cream pies for the previously agreed upon silly string. The best laid plans of Mice and Ben--

It was sort of a panelriffic day for me. "Where is Grandma's Story" was an absolute gas, and we're working on a list of stories in which grandmothers appear, which I am intended to collect, and which we expect Suzy McKee Charnas will post to the Broad Universe site once it is assimilated. Please do feel free to chime in as the spirit moves you, by commenting here or over on whileaway.

I'll name that to the top three best panels I've ever been on, and probably the single most fun one. Especially the Triplets of Belleville geekery that went on.

That was followed by lunch (Jamaican) and the second panel of the day, "Is Everything Interstitial," where we all got along remarkably well, except for my inability to convince Mary Ann Mohanraj at one point that I really was generalizing about slipstream and interstitiality as a continuum, and not offering advice as to the mission of the Speculative Literature Foundation. Once we got that sorted out, though, we got places pretty quickly.

We had a good crop of hecklers in both panels, and I think we did a good job of at least sorting out the historical dynamics of the ongoing argument over the Interstitial Arts Movement. ellen_kushner says the website, etc, are undergoing a rebirth as we speak. It will be interesting to see what she's planning on doing with the place.

There was then a shift at elisem's table (I cracked, and bought "Sinner in the Hands of a Mildly Startled Buddha" as a book sale present to myself), and truepenny's panel on rewriting (Along with Laurie Marks, Justine Larbalestier, and Nisi Shawl).

Then there was sushi and ice cream, and now there is expected to be a nap. Later, we expect truepenny's World Building panel, the livejournal/Fancy Dress/Broad Universe parties, and packing.

Or perhaps there should be packing now.
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