June 15th, 2005

bear by san

I will not be reconstructed.

Day three: The alien embryos growing in my lungs appear to be becoming more active. I can occasionally feel them kicking the insides of my ribs, and they have a tendency to squirm when I drink hot tea. I am subsisting on Cinnamon Life and fruit salad.

The end is near.

However, I have the wow death brownies from tamnonlinear, who is hereby invited to the OMGWTFBBQ, if cpolk and I ever get around to actually putting it together.

Even the alien embryos seem to like them.


Progress notes for 15 June 2005:

Whiskey & Water

New Words: 2,208
Total Words: 123,692 / 138,500
Notecards eradicated/remaining: 3.5 / 17
Pages: 554

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
138,500 / 160,000
Reason for stopping: I think I'll take a nap.
Mammalian Assistance: none, except Paladin briefly forcing himself under the desk
Stimulants: Tazo wild sweet orange tea
Exercise: I haven't exercised in three days, and my body wants its endorphin fix. But I suspect if I tried, I would not like the results.
Mail: My copies of Scardown came today. Oo, shiny. Which means that your copies should be in the stores any second now. It's a pretty grand thing, holding one's book in one's hand. There's mojo innit. And it's fuchsia!
Today's words Word don't know: mojo
Tyop du jour: somebone
Darling du jour: n/a
Books in progress, but not at all quickly: Kristine Smith, Code of Conduct; Richard Overy, Russia's War: A History of the Soviet War Effort, 1941-1945
Interesting research tidbits of the day: structure of a human heart.
Other writing-related work: slush

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bear by san

Damn good television.

So, Batman Begins? Didn't suck. I could have used a smidge more plot and some slightly less Hollywood heavyhanded theme-thumping, but the characterizations were spot-on, and the acting, directing, editing, and script were all juuuust fine.

And Gary Oldman? Could not have been more perfect. I have loved him through oh, so many very, very bad movies, and now he has a movie to call his own that does not suck, perhaps the first since Rosencratz & Guildenstern Are Dead. My life is complete.

Also. Rutger Hauer? Has not aged well. And Cillian Murphy is Crispin Glover's evil vat clone, only with these creepy inhuman big crystal blue eyes.

Very unsettling.
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