July 4th, 2005

bear by san

Page 214; 151,361 words

It keeps growing and shrinking and shrinking and growing. We work so hard to write the words, and then we work so hard to eradicate them.

I think maybe just not writing them in the first place would work.

Is it a bad sign when the internal monologue that goes with the highlight-and-delete is "wank wank wank?"
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bear by san

Page 259; 149,113 words

In this draft, Elaine never breaks her toe. Sometimes, I do get nicer to my characters as time goes by.

Well, it's short enough. Now I have to make sure everything is in here and it all makes sense.

Actually, I've discovered that a lot of the stuff that Liz was asking me to add to the manuscript was already there. I just needed to ferret it out a little.

I hope I haven't entirely left subtlety in my wake.
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