July 10th, 2005

bear by san


ccfinlay has some spoileriffic but very concrete comments that boil down the structural problems I had with War of the Worlds into actual concrete fixes. This is why we pay the man the big bucks.

The reading went pretty well, I think. It was a pleasure seeing everybody who showed up.

Also, I only have 150 pages or so of Whiskey & Water to go on this draft. I still need to eke 400 words or so out of it, so I can put them back in in the denouement and resolve the Dangling Cat Plot (As I pointed out to Peter on Thursday, all my books involve pets. I like writing animals, and I like to think I'm pretty good at it), but I'm actually really enjoying this and I think I may have gotten it somewhat right the first time.

Freaking amazing.

We'll see what Liz and arcaedia and the beta readers say, of course: it's a very complex book, and just jam packed with plot and characters, and I kind of feel, looking at it, as if I'm watching a dinosaur pavanne. But I have my fingers crossed that I may have pulled this off.

All right, back into the coal mines.
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bear by san

tyops galore:

"her hail falling over her shoulders like Rapunzel's bobbed four stories shy"

"barley visible in the gloaming."
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