July 19th, 2005

bear by san

I've finally cracked.

I'm contemplating writing a story with Edmund Tylney as the protagonist. Mad. Mad, I tell you.

And if I keep writing Elizabethan stories with time-traveling historians, Connie Willis is gonna send out her hard-hitting knee-breaking peeps to have a word with me.

Although there's something just too ironical about a state censor being chiefly memorialized with a pub. An apparently not very good pub, if the online ratings can be trusted, in Surrey.

Oh, look, there's one in Brixton, too.

Road Trip!

In other news, truepenny continues kicking ass.
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bear by san

Spy Assistance?

Anybody--but especially cheshyre and rosamund--got a reliable sorce for what happened to Robert Poley after he took that Yeoman's position at the Tower? I got nothing here.

I love English record-keeping in the 16th and 17th centuries. Can't find out how Robin the Moneylender died, but I can tell you who most likely manufactured the paper Ben Jonson wrote on.

Viva history and her gap-toothed grin.
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