August 7th, 2005

bear by san

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If there were somebody in the genre who had some time on her hands and wanted to become the latest Hero of the Revolution, what she would do was set up some sort of aggregator that would allow her to keep track of and mark-for-attention various interesting conversations in all of the SFF corner bars on the, Speculations, the Night Shade boards, the TTA boards, the various blogs and livejournal communities, the odd lingering usenet newsgroups--and put them all in one place so one could read the damned things. Because I don't know how anybody can keep up with this stuff unless she makes a job of it.

I think I got ten hours a week back when I sighed, sat back, and told myself that anything I really needed to know would show up on Locus Online or genreneep or instant_fanzine eventually, and stopped reading Speculations and as I've found the new Speculations engine means it takes me two and a half times as long to get caught up over there. But you know, I kind of miss the good conversations. It was just impossible to keep up with them.

Of course, what I'm describing is the late, lamented Write Hemisphere. Which was sort of a mini-Boingboing for the SFF lit geek crowd, if you missed its brief and brilliant career.

Yanno, if somebody wanted to do such a thing, I bet she'd find she'd get a lot of community support.

What do you think? It wouldn't be too hard. I'm not volunteering because I know I wouldn't do it--there's not enough hours in the day. But I'm sure there's somebody reading this who keeps up on all the genre conversations.

Something as simple as a livejournal community or blog would work, too. I'm thinking a little more concerted effort to post the interesting stuff to instant_fanzine would probably swing the trick, since I'm sure that even if there's not *one* person who can manage it, a group of four or six could.
bear by san

Location check

I'm putting together Michigan/Ohio, Toronto, NYC/CT/Mass, and SF-Bay Area filters, as these are areas I'm likely to be in the next couple of years, and I'm not entirely certain I have a good sense of where everybody on my flist lives. (I might miss some people, in other words.)

So if you'd want onto any of these filters for inclusion in possible social events should there be a low-flying Bear in your vicinity, please sing out and let me know which ones.

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