August 30th, 2005

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Progress notes for 30 August 2005:


New Words: 2059
Total Words: 63,248 / 75500
Pages: 302 (138 pages to go! I could be done by my birthday!)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
75,500 / 110,000
Reason for stopping: work
Mammalian Assistance:  Paladin was a very beggar today
Stimulants: Constant Comment
Exercise: weights, walking.
Mail: nomail
Today's words Word don't know: axiomatically, twinging, bioweapon
Words I'm surprised Word do know: n/a
Tyop du jour: n/a
Darling du jour: [redacted due to spoilers]
Books in progress, but not at all quickly: Richard Overy, Russia's War: A History of the Soviet War Effort, 1941-1945;  Elaine Pagels, The Gnostic Gospels;
Mean things: [redacted due to spoilers]
Other writing-related work: Made a PDF version of that family tree.
Interesting tidbits: (via sillyricepaper)

There. Feel all the stress leaving your body now?

This one is my favorite:
bear by san

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Via arcaedia:

When the Levee Breaks meme

I challenge everyone reading this - if they haven't already - to donate at least $25 (more is good!) to the Red Cross to help in their disaster relief effort.

Here's the link to make a credit card contribution:

Then, cut and paste this in your journal and pass it on.


sartorias offers the following:

For the assistance of companion animals affected by the disaster:


MSNBC is now reporting that some hospitals in New Orleans have "no life support capability." The backup generators have failed.

And I'm heading home from the Media Fishbowl now, to go hug my husband and pets. Be careful out there.