September 19th, 2005

bear by san


Avast, lubbers!  There be a wee pretty bivalve as lives along the California coast, about so long's the last joint of a woman's finger, and the shells are shades of pale yeller and rose and so forth. Pirate Bear would be obliged to any sailor who could remind her what the little critters be called, because it's fallen clean out of what passes for the captain's mind.

Double grog rations for the first to name her!

Yo ho ho and a bottle of suds
It's a pirate's life we choose
No we don't want a bucket of blood
Just a cup is all we can use!

That's genre piracy to you!
bear by san

It had to happen eventually.

I'm writing a post-apocalyptic beach story. To carry forward the proud genre tradition of post-apocalyptic beach stories.

It's the touching saga of a derelict battle robot and the little orphan boy who follows her along the beach, fighting the seagulls for the shellfish her broken hulk plows out of the sand.

It's the necklace story for "Sinner in the hands of a mildly startled Buddha," but it won't tell me if it wants to be called "Tideline" or "Shipwreck Jewels."

Also in the hopper: short stories or novelettes entitled "Lucifugous," "Paddareen," "Chatoyant," and "The Cold Blacksmith," and an alternate history short about Abigail Adams.

Also, gotta read the second half of The Virtu for truepenny.

Finishing novels is good; it helps the backlog of short stories that get clogged up in your brain fall out onto the paper, where they can make themselves useful
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bear by san

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Progress notes for 19 September 2005:

"Tideline" (or) "Shipwreck Jewels"

New Words: 1286
Total Words: 1286
Pages: 7
Reason for stopping: sleepy.
Mammalian Assistance:  none
Stimulants: lemon spice tea and curry
Exercise: 3 mile walk
Mail: nomail
Today's words Word don't know: akilter
Words I'm surprised Word do know: coquinas
Tyop du jour: fristfuls
Darling du jour: n/a
Books in progress, but not at all quickly: Ladislas Farago, The Game of the Foxes; Leigh Richards, Califia's Daughters; Sarah Monette, The Virtu
Mean things: rust
Other writing-related work: read half of The Virtu yesterday. Also, some orkshop crits recently.
Interesting tidbits: n/a
bear by san

Serendipitous Kitty Update

I got a good long look at the seredipitous kitty today. It was waiting for me when I brought the food out. We may be establishing a relationship, though it still vanishes like the fog if it senses a threat.

And everything is a threat.

It does that hunker over the food and *gulp* thing. Prison eating. I am determined to save it.

Its gender is still indeterminate, but it's filling out a bit with regular meals. Lovely kitty, with vast gold eyes with a narrow green rim around the pupil.

Our current plan includes playing with Mith in the bay window where he sleeps, which overlooks the Serendipitous Kitty Feeding Station, so the SK can see us.

The SK is mystified by this whole cat/monkey dynamic, and crouches over the food, staring up at us with wide, wide eyes. Other Cats, one presumes, are Evil Interlopers or Threats to Life and Limb, and Monkeys are Perfidous.

I still think we should trap it for vetting and taming, because it's quite feral and there are dogs in the neighborhood. kit_kindred is opposed to this plan.
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