September 30th, 2005

bear by san

More proof that all spies use the same tailor

I've reached the color episodes of the Avengers, (which is also where the show starts to get truly bizarre) and I feel the need to hop a time machine and run back to explain to them that a color camera is a privilege, not a right. Specifically, I'm pretty sure Steed's shiny red gabardine suit with velvet collar-back is made from the lining of Kelly Robinson and Illya Kuryakin's legendary nearly-identical bad burgundy jackets.

As I mentioned somewhere before, it's a Known Fact that this is because Del Floria (London, New York) is the only tailor in the business who knows how to cut over a shoulder holster...

Also, Steed has *quite* the collection of bowler hats. Grey, brown, tan, black--
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