October 26th, 2005

bear by san

She's no fun. She fell right over.

Gwenda Bond announces the redux of NaDruWriNi, on November 5th.

Due to my own attendance at WFC, I will be joining the auxiliary festivities on this Friday, October 28th, along with secritcrush.

Maybe I can finish the Death of Terrestrial Radio story. Or perhaps the story not named Babylon. And on. should be the victim.

A third Undertow character now has a first name. The hitman will henceforth be known as Andre. 

He still, however, is lacking a surname.

And the frogboy may be a frog girl. I'm not sure how you would tell.
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bear by san

This isn't so much a link salad as a bit of escarole with dressing....

But for those of us of the generation that famously never expected to see the back side of 25, this is worth a read. You know, when we woke up every morning convinced that it was going to happen sooner or later, this is pretty much how most of us figured it would start...

pecunium: Stanislav Petrov saved your life.

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Here's what Wikipedia has to say.
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