December 9th, 2005

bear by san

Better bring your own redemption when you come.

ETA: There are some spoilers for the Jenny books in the comment thread to this post. Approach with caution.

Final vote of the midnight movie viewing crew on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: eight thumbs up. If anything, it might be a little too faithful, as it maintains the pacing of the book, where the combat sequences are largely passed over or stylized or very brief.

It's not a movie that tells the same story as the book (the way that Peter Jackson's LoTR trilogy is, at its best.) It's the book made into a visual narrative. And I dunno how it would work for anybody who didn't have a stuffed lion named Aslan as a kid (let's get the reviewer bias right out there in public and up front) but man, did I like that.

My quibbles were all, entirely, the kind of quibbles you get when the movie doesn't quite match your head. I wanted Aslan to have a deeper voice, and to be more terrible--though the scene where he snarls at the Witch after she question his word was just right. (I also got to meet a real lion in November, just one thin sheet of Plexiglass away, and a CGI lion can't quite measure up--but he was a damned fine CGI lion.)

Tilda is still love. Mr. Tumnus is perfect. Lucy is wonderful--charming and delighful and fierce--and Edmund is a prat.

All in all, I give it a rousing just so. I cried like a little girl at all the appropriate bits, and there were plenty of other muffled sobs and sniffles and muted ooohs and even some cheering. And let's not talk about the lump in my throat during the lead up to the clash of the armies at the end. (Griffins! There was cheering for the griffins, and a really nice visual parallel to the Blitz at the beginning, and that's the most spoilery thing I have to say). It delivers; it's just exactly right; and if it's not a daring re-envisioning of the narrative I'm just fine with that, in this case. There's a place in the world for faithful adaptations too.

Also, Tilda Swinton. Yum. Giving Jadis all the complexity and nuance and emotional resonance she lacks in the books. Heck yeah; she's still--if she were just a tad more butch--the EBear Lucifer.

She and James MacAvoy and Georgie Hensley gave serious standout performances in this, layered and delightful.

I am a happy bear.

It was also a bit creepy to realize just how thoroughly that book is engraved on my DNA... and to spot some of the influences it's in my own work. Yeah, you'll know the scene in Blood & Iron when you get to it.

I swear it was totally the back of my brain handling that one.

And I definitely need more stone lions. *g* And centaurs. You can never have too many centaurs.

Courtesy of herbmcsidhe, a brief article on Jenny Casey, the challenges of a speedy publication schedule, and my lack of a recognizable sense of humor is up on ScifFi Wire. (That's meant to be funny, the bit about the sense of humor) (Maybe I need a laugh track....) )

And now, back to the CEM. Probably too early for the rest of that Chardonnay, huh?


I knew I liked Willie Nelson.

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