December 18th, 2005

bear by san

Glad to be a girl

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bear by san

My last day of freedom.

I have Peter's, Jenn's, and Anne's notes on Carnival. The manuscript arrives tomorrow morning.

I'm out of excuses.

Eeee. When's this thing due back again?

*gets the snorkel and the pliers out, and embarks on one last reading binge*
bear by san

BPAL: Morocco, and some revision wingeing.

Of course, the problem with rewriting this book is all the stuff that I knew was wrong with it and tried to fix the last three times I went through it. This seems to be an ongoing theme of the year, since I had a similar experience with Whiskey and Water, as you may recall.


I wish I were better at this writing thing. Or maybe just less ambitious. Except for the part that the books that I write that I feel in control of throughout the process, by which I mean they're well within my span of ability--Worldwired, One-Eyed Jack--I never love with the overwhelming love of the books that kick me down and run roughshod over me.

I have such a pathological relationship with my texts.

(Of course that could be why I'm so eager to excuse and even laud ambitious failures. The possibility exists that that's all I'm capable of writing.)

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