December 24th, 2005

bear by san

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The artist, Ian Simmons, has posted the art for "Wax" and "Wane" (appearing in Interzone) online.

Caveat: my inner Abby Irene looks a lot more like the fifty-something Helen Mirren. Warning: images contain spoilers. Descriptive copy is overly flattering to Bears.

Page 55 of Carnival revisions, final pass (the Hard Stuff revision). I've passed through "thrashing" and into "resignation." This is the part where one has to rely on craft to carry one through, because passion and inspiration, not so much.
bear by san

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I'm calling it a night on the revisions. I've gotten to the end of Chapter 8, page 167 on the Hard Parts pass through Carnival. And I can tell I'm stressed, because I find myself watching television documentaries and the Food Channel voraciously. (Viva the Hitler Channel. It is really good electronic Valium: interesting enough not to annoy me, but not actually requiring of any serious thought except when I roll my eyes about some particular idiocy.)

Anyway, I'm watching a documentary on the Green River Killer now (once upon a time, back when I wanted to be a forensic anthropologist when I grew up, I knew a lot about that case, but I've forgotten it all--and man, it renews my faith a little bit that they did, in fact, finally catch that son of a bitch) and I'm going to curl up on the sofa with the dog and a bottle of Pelegrino and pretend, until tomorrow, that the book is done.

I am making progress. It just never feels like enough.

And hey, when this is done, I have nothing due until next summer. That's  very exciting thing. Especially as I have a list of short stories I want to write one of these months, and it would be nice to get a few of those crossed off before the next book is due.

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