December 27th, 2005

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Because anything is better than work, three more, fancier Sapphire and Steel icons. If you like, you may use. Festive festival!


I must say, I'm really pleased with the way the Steel one came out. And Sapphire looks all Stevie Nicks Album Cover, which is kind of cool.
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SF Signal reviews Hammered. I think they liked it okay.

In other news, since I've been using the laptop, I've been writing on the living room sofa. Which is normally the purview of the giant Dawg (not to be confused with the giant Dogge, which is the other one--the Dawg is taller, but otherwise not so giant as the Dogge).

Anyway, despite her giantness, the sofa (which is a full-sized futon) is large enough for three to four humans, or two humans and a Dawg--or a Dawg and a Dogge, for that matter. However, the Dawg does not believe this. It is Her Sofa, and I do not belong on it.

To bring home her point, she is exercising passive resistance by putting her bones on me. Her chin bones and two enormous paws, currently. While it is in fact generating bruises, this may not work out as well as she has intended, because it has also led me to notice that her claws need cutting.

The best-laid plans of Dawgs and Dogges....
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Michelangelo is a very nervous boy. It's interesting writing his POV, because it's a constant exercise in Considering The Worst Case Scenario.


"We have balconies," Elena said. "I think you'll be sufficiently safe from abduction there. And you'll get to see at least some of the proceedings."

Kusanagi-Jones bit his lip. Abductions were one thing. He was worried about snipers.

Revising continues. The b*%k has grown to 459 pages, and there's still work to be done: I'm on page 205. This is what you might call a stately process.

I need to figure out what this scene does to justify its inclusion in the narrative. Other than making my editor happy, I mean....

...and figure out how to do some of the thematic stuff I could use it for without resorting to the S.H. Lawrence Hammer o'Symbolism.
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The seacoast of Bohemia.

John Holbo over at Crooked Timber talks about how it's possible to reinvent African geography in ways you can't in America or Europe. ("Geographically absurd fabulations")

(via The Mumpsimus)

With all due respect, I think he's not paying attention. The Man from UNCLE, of course, never set an episode in a real country if a fake one could be invented. From Not-Argentina to Not-Iran to Not-Haiti, you name it, we faked it. Mission:Impossible reinvented Europe (especially the Baltic states) 33 episodes a year. I imagine modern-day spy shows play similar games.

I Spy was kind of unique for setting stories in real places. And going there to shoot, even!

As for major American cities, Metropolis has moved from Toronto to the Midwest to the Eastern Seaboard, and let's not talk about Gotham as not-Chicago and not-Jersey City (I know there's some kind of official DC universe map these days, but it's not like historical consistency has even been a big worry for those guys.)

And where is Dr. Doom ruler of, again?

Then there's Ed McBain, who made an entire career writing in not-New-York. (It always kills me when his characters take off to New York or Boston.) Lilian Jackson Braun does indeed invent an American state, although she never names it. It's not-Minnesota, and it's not-Michigan either. With a little not-Wisconsin thrown in for good measure. And Steven King rearranges Maine any way he sees fit--and really, who better?

Why do we do this?

Well, writing in real places is a pain in the ass, that's why.
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I love Steel. He's the anti-Doctor.

The Doctor kind of likes the talking monkeys; he thinks they make good pets.

Steel thinks his job would be a hell of a lot easier if the goddamned things got wiped out by a convenient asteroid.

Come to think of it, I suspect he's hell on meddling Timelords, too.

Also, I think Silver is wearing Napoleon's gray suit. Apparently, time traveling demi-deities patronize Del Floria's too. (My theory is that Del Floria is the only tailor in New York that knows how to cut a suit to cover a shoulder holster, which is why Illya Kuryakin and Kelly Robinson have the same Infamous Burgundy Jacket. Del got a real deal on claret worsted, you see....)
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