December 28th, 2005

bear by san

So the new cellphone is a camera phone

And it works about as well as camera phones generally do.

OTOH, I can now offer pictures of the spy kitties.

Collapse )

In the third picture, that's Napoleon staring at the camera and Waverly making a break for it. Illya was behind the chair at the feeding station. I had a better pic, but deleted it by accident.

I'm not sure what his relationship to the other two is, but he's an absolutely ginormous tomcat who has the broad-cheeked big-boned facial structure that Illya is growing towards, and is the same color as Napoleon with the addition of big white splotches, and he seems convivial with both of them (Illya is a boy and Napoleon is a girl.) so I suspect he's Dad.

Napoleon is now almost tame enough to come wind around my ankles when I bring the food out. She keeps wanting to, and then stopping herself with an almost audible jerk. And she yells at me to come feed her.

Illya is not so sanguine; he knows bipeds are perfidous. And as the so-far unsuccessful plans are for capture and neutering, he's probably smarter than his sister.
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[14:03] matociquala: I want to be a wookiee when I grow up.
[14:03] matociquala: Or possibly a Luxan.
[14:05] matociquala: *kills chapter 14*
[14:05] jmeadows: *watches*'
[14:05] stillsostrange: yay, death
[14:05] stillsostrange: *collects stray killed bits*
[14:06] matociquala: If I were a wookiee, I could edit with a hammer
[14:06] stillsostrange: If you were a wookiee, they might ask for less edits
[14:07] matociquala: aaaaeeeerrrriiiiuuuoooooooog!
[14:08] matociquala: wookiee seem to have better home lives than Luxans.
[14:11] stillsostrange: let the wookiee stet
bear by san

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I am beginning chapter 15 of the b*@k. Page 264 of 465.

I think I may be only making fiddles until I get to the end, which needs some serious expansion. But man, I am so BORED WITH THIS B@#K.

I don't want to read this b%$k any more, mommy. I'm bored bloody stiff with it, and horrified by the idea that even if the editor likes my changes, there is still the CEM and the galleys to go. If I never see it again, it will be too soon.

In other news, the underground railroad delivered a copy of The Christmas Invasion to our doorstep today. There were bits of it I really loved, but the ending annoyed me beyond words, in part because Collapse )

Not sure Tennant can pull off the manic-depressive Doctor very well. Alas. I loved his Eccleston impersonation; dead on. And he was great when he was being funny or snide or snarky... but he doesn't do the darker or the manic sides of the mercurial as well. Also, the "what sort of a man am I?" thing was clever at first, but got overplayed. Although I did like the bit about Collapse )

And I'm still a Mickey Apologist, dammit. I like him., the Doctor has got to be an incredibly challenging role, now that I stop to think of it.

Tennant's very pretty, though. He may have the category of The Prettiest Doctor sewn up nicely.