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bear by san

March 2017



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phil ochs troubador

i'm wasted and i can't find my way home

Man, I'm crabby this morning. Apparently the Rest Day is much needed.

2011 04 20 Daily Commute
Tea today: Stash double spice chai
Teacup today: Squid mug, because I need it.

However, I am entertaining myself listening to Ellen McIlwaine and birthday shopping for my mom. (Shhh, don't tell her.)

Today is scheduled for reading, rock climbing, possibly some Farscape, and a trip to Penzey's.

Oh, and guitar practice. I should do some of that.

Still not Spring.

See you tomorrow, Internauts.


Yay squids!

My squid mug gives me much glee and joy, and It Is All Your Fault.

They are comforting and wonderful, are they not? And they feel good in your hands.
They do indeed. Satisfyingly heavy but not unwieldy, nicely curved, and the handle never gets too hot.
I approve of that mug.
Thank you! That mug is, without a doubt, one of the best things I've ever seen. Maybe I will procure one for curgoth.
I found out about them from gregvaneekhout. And was like MINE WANT GIMME.

Glad to spread the love.
I love squid mug. Any idea where it came from?
I want that mug. I lust for that mug. Must have that mug. Or at any rate, give it to elder son for his birthday.
tah dah!


I should be getting kickbacks...
You should!
*starts to ask about the mug*

*notices the links given in several comments below*

*goes the Etsy store, browses*


...so not-dishwasher-safe. But if I can take care of my tiny tea set that needs handwashing, I bet I could cope with a single squidmug too.
It's a teacup. You rinse it out with soapy water and once in a while scrub the tannin off. *g*
When I bought my tea set, the woman selling it gave me a little lecture on exactly how I should wash it. Presumably the same principles apply!

..and now I'm sort of craving a nice pot of tea, but I'm not at home and don't really have time to make one. Maybe as a reward after classes.
Heck, if you get to it right after you finish your tea, you don't even need the soapy water. Just hot. But my home tea consumption is more tisanes than actual tea these days due to those silly sleep requirements.

Also, today's tea was Stash Coconut Mango Oolong. The double spice chai was yesterday's morning tea. :-)

Edited at 2011-04-20 05:18 pm (UTC)
I've switched to Upton's Holy Basil
Still not Spring.

Big *sigh*.
i love that mug.
Link to etsy shop above. *g*