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bear by san

March 2017



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und keine eier

2011 04 21 Daily Commute 002    2011 04 21 Daily Commute 003 
2011 04 21 Daily Commute 005

Tea today: Upton's China Green First Grade Gunpowder Green, to give it its proper name, into which I have dropped some goji berries and some chrysanthemum blossoms. THERE WILL BE FLAVANOIDS! Ahem.
What's actually in the (same teacup as yesterday) Squid Mug, however, is hot chocolate, because I had that, oatmeal cookies, and cantaloupe for breakfast. As you can see, he's been sneaking tastes while I wasn't looking. I can tell because of the chocolate all over his tentacles.

Today is not a Rest Day, because I mean to at least make a start on packaging up the books to go out. (I suspect I will need more enevelopes.)

Other plans today include grocery shopping, which includes Fancy Grocery Shopping (i.e., a field trip to Penzey's (didn't happen yesterday) and the Middle Eastern grocery store, because we are Almost Out Of Harissa. And since the ag co-op has real chicken eggs again, I predect an upswing in household harissa consumption.

Food worth eating, yay!


*squees at Tool reference*

Also, thanks for reminding me to buy more harissa.
I was scrolling through my friends page very quickly, saw the squid mug, and very sincerely thought I was looking at a post from gregvaneekhout. I need to pay more attention as I read. :)
You probably have already answered this somewhere I've forgotten but where did you get that cup? It's not only the coolest, well one of the coolest, you have cool cups, but it's gorgeous! Please say it's available online! :)
I really need to find a reliable source of good eggs. The farmer's market is unreliable and closed half the year. :-/

Meat I can deal with from the supermarket or bought at the farmer's market and frozen, because I cook so little of it, but good eggs are really not even the same food, and can't keep.