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und keine eier

2011 04 21 Daily Commute 002    2011 04 21 Daily Commute 003 
2011 04 21 Daily Commute 005

Tea today: Upton's China Green First Grade Gunpowder Green, to give it its proper name, into which I have dropped some goji berries and some chrysanthemum blossoms. THERE WILL BE FLAVANOIDS! Ahem.
What's actually in the (same teacup as yesterday) Squid Mug, however, is hot chocolate, because I had that, oatmeal cookies, and cantaloupe for breakfast. As you can see, he's been sneaking tastes while I wasn't looking. I can tell because of the chocolate all over his tentacles.

Today is not a Rest Day, because I mean to at least make a start on packaging up the books to go out. (I suspect I will need more enevelopes.)

Other plans today include grocery shopping, which includes Fancy Grocery Shopping (i.e., a field trip to Penzey's (didn't happen yesterday) and the Middle Eastern grocery store, because we are Almost Out Of Harissa. And since the ag co-op has real chicken eggs again, I predect an upswing in household harissa consumption.

Food worth eating, yay!
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