January 21st, 2006

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John Joseph Adams announces the incipient perforation of F&SF.

truepenny on why writers write about writers.

Driving the little red truck long distances is really kind of tiring. It's old enough to drive itself, at this point, if it could pass the test, and it has power nothing, is a manual, and needs shocks. So getting someplace is a story of brute force.

I had a lovely luncheon with misia and perigee, who fed me very well and buried me under friendly animals.

And then I got here and wrestled seven Briards. In sequence, not in parallel. I can wrestle two Briards at once, but that's my limit. Anyway, I have now wrestled Uri, Ubiorn, Teeha, Tison, Attilla, Legolas, and Valon. They are all very bad dogs and need many beatings.

So, in the past three days, I have met and hugged seven ferrets (Oscar, Stewie, Simon, Austin, Leanne, Suzi, and Diego) four cats (Swanee, Lily, Fez, and Mrs. Calabash) one Akita (Ushi) and seven Briards (some of whom I had met before.) A busy week for hugging. *g* 

The truck still goes pretty good. I suspect it's going to need a new muffler soon, however. And maybe some other bits.

I'm reading John Scalzi's Old Man's War. Today we're going to Gettysburg.

I do not have to drive.
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