February 8th, 2006

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Carnival has an Amazon listing. It looks like I get to keep the title (yes, Virginia, this is sometimes how we find there things out) and the release date is October 31st. Start your, er, calendars.

Yay, Halloween!

No cover art, yet, and Amazon as usual is ahead of everybody else, so if you want to hold out for Booksense or Powell's or what have you, keep checking their listings.

Speaking of which, more catwaxing for writers, agents, editors, and publishers: TitleZ tracks Amazon sales ranks.

Ph34r them.
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Since Justine has posted it, I guess it's okay to say:

Where I'll be on May 24th.

“A Feminist Utopia in Madison? Global Communities, Science Fiction and Women”
24 May, 2006, 7:30 pm
Wisconsin Historical Society Auditorium, 816 State Street.
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Open to the public, free of charge
Panelists: Elizabeth Bear, Karen Joy Fowler, Nalo Hopkinson, Justine Larbalestier (moderator), Meghan McCarron

Go suggest texts for discussion, would you?
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Insight into the process.

Paul Youll, my esteemed perpetual cover artist (I'm currently taking bets on whether the cover for Carnival will be Paul's work, too) has posted three different versions of the cover art for Blood & Iron on his website.

This is the final cover, with art direction.

This is cover art #1.

This is #2.

And the final version pre-graphics.

I actually think I like #1 the best. The lion is great, and I love Matthew's jacket in that one. It suits him.

Go figure. Although Matthew's hair is right in #2.

I probably shouldn't tell you that I cam up with a title for the contemplated third book in the Blood & Iron/Whiskey & Water chunk of the Promethean Age timeline, should I? Especially since I have The Stratford Man, The Journeyman Devil, and One-Eyed Jack to sell and then a bunch of other Promethean Age books that are waiting their turn in the barrel. (Balm & Oil, Rag & Bone, Unsuitable Metal, Posthumous Jonson, the Matthias Corvinus book, the India book, et cetera)

Of course, the really embarrassing thing is that the title's been staring me in the face for years and I never twigged to it.

Patience & Fortitude, of course.
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All right, so it looks like I lied, and due to papersky finding me a cheap place to stay, silme finding me a cheap flight, and fjm  twisting my arm a lot, I will be at Eastercon. Just for one day--Saturday--but I'll be there.

 See you in Glasgow.

In other news, Scardown went back to press today. Good news all around.
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I *love* the cover for the Winter 2006 On Spec. It makes me snort, and then wince. That's good cartooning.

Actually, it reminds me of the S. Gross cartoons I loved as a kid--that kind of subtlety and sharpness.

Collapse )

"I assure you it exists, Mr. Floyd. I would have a great deal of trouble explaining my childhood if it didn't. Do you have an ashtray?"

Floyd passed her one. "It must be a real one-horse town."

Auger shook her head as she lit a cigarette. "It has wild aspirations of becoming a one-horse town."

"Like that, is it? In which case, I understand why your sister felt she had to leave. A place like that can begin to feel like a prison."

"Where are you from, if you don't mind my asking? I don't even know your first name."

"I'm from Galveston, Texas," Floyd said. "My father was a merchant marine. I was a trawlerman by the time I was sixteen."

"And you ended up in Paris?" Augur blew out a line of smoke. "I hope you weren't the navigator."

Yeah, getting real fond of this book.

What is it with the Brit SFF half set in the 20th century and half set in some unrecognizably distant future or in some alternate dimension, with the two bits inevitably intersecting? Can somebody explain this trope to me?

It just seems like I've picked up this pattern a lot lately--and all in UK writers, such as M. John Harrison, mevennen, and now this, just off the top of my head--and I wonder.